15 Weight Loss Tips With Best Result

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There is a lot of information and how-to-do-it in the weight loss industry. Having tried different informative source promising you the fastest possible outcome in lesser days. But in the long run, you are yet to see any visible result.

Over the years, scientists have come up with different effective weight loss methods – these are the weight loss secrets by fitness and nutrition experts. So, if what you want is to shed few pounds or more, you’re reading the right article. Continue reading to the very end to discover the 15 weight loss tips that will give you the best result ever desired.

1. Drinking Water Regularly

Regularly drinking water, especially before meals can perform the magic. The desired weight loss result is achieved when more calories are burnt. Regular drinking of water boosts your metabolism by (24-30)% over a time period of 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

“More than 44% weight loss takes place when someone drinks half a liter of water about 30mins before the meal” – says one study. This shows that people that drink water regularly loss more calories compared to people who do not.

2. Drinking Green Tea

One of the numerous benefits of green tea is weight loss. Consider replacing your sugary tea with green tea. A small amount of caffeine is present in green tea. This caffeine works synergistically with catechins (a powerful antioxidant) to aid burning of fat. Conclusively, green tea (either a green tea extract supplement or beverage) can help you to lose weight.

3. Take Low-Carb Diet

Going with a low-carb diet is the best decision you can make to get the entire benefits of carb restriction. Various research shows that such regimen can easily reduce 3 – 4 times as much weight as a standard low-fat diet, which also improves your overall health at the same time.

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4. Read Food Labels

Do you read a label on your food buy payment is made? Only a few numbers of people read food labels. You will live a healthier life when you know how to read food labels. Use a calorie information on the label to find out how which food type is suitable for your daily calorie allowance when placed on the weight loss plan.

5. Small-Sized Plate

Automatically, you can eat fewer calories when you eat with small-sized or smaller plate. Small-sized plates can greatly reduce the amount of food you eat, without being hungry. Meanwhile, you should learn to eat slowly and don’t wait until you feel full before you stop eating.

6. Avoid Junk Food

Storing junk food within your reach is an invitation to temptation. Junk food that should not be stored at home includes chocolate, sweet fizzy drinks, crisps, and biscuits. Instead, replace junk food with healthy snacks like oatcakes, fruit juice, fruit, unsweetened popcorn, and unsalted rice cakes.

7. Eating High-Fibre

High-fiber foods quickly make you full, you only eat a small amount which is a perfect way of losing weight fast. To lose weight fast, consume much of these fiber foods from plants. These foods include pasta, whole grain bread, oats and brown rice, fruit and vegetables, and lentils, beans and peas.

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8. Regular Exercise

Most people see exercise as a strain or an unwanted activity of life. But the truth is, regular exercise will make you active and hence, it is the key that makes you lose weight quickly and also keeps you fit. It also provides a lot of health benefits. Burning off of excess calories that diet alone can’t remove is one of the undeniable benefits of health derived from regular exercise.

Even when you’re not used to exercising your body, there’s a particular activity you’d enjoy. This activity can be fit into your daily routine.

9. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

There is no reason why you should not eat fruits and vegetables because they’re very nutritious. Moreso, they contain the three important ingredients for a successful weight loss – low fat, low calories, and high fiber. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables also contain much vitamins and minerals.

10. Instead of Diet, Eat Healthily

People mostly prefer to place themselves on a diet when they want to lose weight, but it rarely works in the long run. Over time, people who diet tend to gain more weight. Instead of depriving your body by placing yourself on diet, concentrate on nourishing your body to become a happier, fitter and healthier person. This way, you’ll lose weight naturally.

11. Eat More Protein

A single and most essential nutrient for losing weight is protein. Consumption of high protein diet boosts metabolism by 80 – 100 calories in a single day while 441 calories per day are shaved off your diet.

One study says, “If 25% of calories that you eat in one day is taken as protein, this reduce 60% obsessive conclusion about food. While the desire for late night snacking in half is cut down.” Adding protein to your diet is an easy and the most effective strategies to lose weight.

12. Let Eggs Replace Your Breakfast

Eating eggs have so many benefits for the consumer, including its ability to help you lose weight. When a grain-based breakfast is replaced with eggs, it reduces the number of calories eaten for the next 36 hours. it also helps you lose body fat and more weight. For those who are allergic to eggs, eat quality protein for breakfast instead. It will perform the trick.

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13. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Just like chocolate, a standard glass of any alcoholic drink contains a large number of calories. Drinking too much can easily add to your weight over time.

14. Don’t Take Sugary Drinks

Sugar is dangerous to human health but deadly in liquid form. It is believed that liquid sugar calories may be the only fattening part of the modern diet. Let’s consider an example of sugar-sweetened beverages, the risk of obesity in children is linked to 60% for each daily serving. Moreso, it also applies to fruit juice which contains the same amount of sugar as any other soft drink like Coke. Limit or avoid fruit juice, eat whole fruit instead.

15. Eat Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods that contain a spicy compound called capsaicin, can boost your metabolism and slightly reduce your appetite. Chili pepper is a good example of spicy food. However, tolerance may be developed to the effects of capsaicin over time, this may limit its effectiveness in the long term.


To be candid, losing weights is not as easy as anyone would claim but when discipline is inculcated, then it is achievable. When you regularly work on the above-listed tips, visible result is guaranteed in less than one month. Upon your decision to start with these tips, it is highly recommended you take a picture of yourself and record your weight. In a month’s time, do the same to see what difference you will get.

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