Importance of Sleep in Pregnancy

Photo of beautiful pregnant woman sleeping in bed

There are many different reasons why your body needs a right amount of sleep, and these remains the same till today. Whether you’re pregnant or not, sound sleep is mandatory for your body to maintain a healthy position. Your brain function just like a computer which can work more efficiently when useless old files are trashed or cleaned out. Sleep cleans your neurological database to make you think more clearly and feel rested.

It also improves your immune system and helps your brain function at the optimum level. For your brain cells to recover regular activity, neuron needs 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep to restore the level of neurotransmitter. The positive effects of sleep go on to your skin, mood, and in fact, your general well-being.

More importantly, sleep helps boost growth hormone which is the ultimate rejuvenating hormone that helps keep an ideal shape and body weight. The growth hormone makes sleep more vital to pregnant women. This hormone isn’t just necessary for your body but also crucial for the growth of the placenta and uterus. This way, growth hormone helps to counteract most of the pregnancy stresses by ensuring the development of fetal during tough times.

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Additionally, the inability to have enough sleep is perhaps one of the most easily treated stressors for a mom. When you don’t have enough sleep, you may be stressed out, unable to sleep well; then you feel tired and sluggish. Consequently, you worry about the piled-up domestic works because you’re too tired to face it.

The study of 131 women in the ninth month of their pregnancy shows that “women whose night sleep is less than 6 hours has 29 hours of average labor compared to women who sleep 7 hours or more per night at 17.7 hours average labor”.

Conclusively, to boost the growth hormone of an unborn child and to avoid long hours of labor, encourage timely sleep which will help both the mother and the child to have a proper functionality of body and mind.

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