Importance of fruits and Vegetables

Fresh farmers market fruit and vegetable produce from above

The importance of fruits and vegetables cannot be overemphasized in the health benefits it provides as well as the illness it prevents. At each meal, it is highly recommended by the U.S Department of Agriculture to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. The risk of chronic disease can be reduced when you eat the number of fruits and vegetables recommended for each day. Let’s check out the nutrients in fruits and vegetables:


Naturally, fruits are very low in calories, fat, and sodium while it’s rich in vitamin C, fiber, folate, and potassium. Some fruits that are high in potassium include cantaloupe, bananas, oranges, and honeydew. Fiber that is present in fruits helps lower cholesterol and also protect against heart disease. The presence of vitamin C in foods like strawberries and citrus hasten wound healing and also keeps gums and teeth healthy.

It is recommended by the USDA to consume at least two cups of fruits daily. Fresh fruits are the healthiest choice or frozen fruits without the addition of sweeteners.


Vegetables are extremely rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber and folate. Folate is very important because it helps the body form the red blood cells. Also, foods that are rich in folate are very important for childbearing women. Such foods include tomatoes, bell peppers, and spinach which prevents neural tube defects in babies. Foods rich in vitamin A such as butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes keeps your skin healthy and also protect against infections. It is recommended by the USDA to eat two and a half cups of vegetables daily.

The importance of including fruits and vegetables in your diet is so many but here are a few that deserves examination.

Immune System Builder

Your immune system is capable of protecting its border against invasion when it’s strong and likewise, the incidence of bacteria and virus invasion are increased when the immune system is weak. Issues associated with the weak immune system include upper respiratory infections, chronic illness, aging, skin disorders and delayed wound healing. To boost your immune health, it’s important you eat start eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.

Prevents Obesity

Rise in obesity in the human race increases on daily basis and this is as a result of eating too much and regular intake of unbalanced diet. Instead of eating low fat, low calorie, and healthy foods, we tend to eat nutrient void and calorically dense sub-foods. These sub-foods have a high volume of calories, chemicals, fat and sugar which does little to support our health other than gain weight very fast. The solution is simple while eating whole foods, plant-based, nutrient-rich diet, eat much fruits and vegetables as well.

Keeps You Full for Long

You can easily get filled up when eating fruits and vegetables due to their richness in fiber. Instead of eating a plate full of unhealthy foods that quickly add up calories, eat a plate of cooked vegetables, salad and more to satisfy your salivation that makes you full without eating too much.

Increases Your Energy

A healthy diet gives lasting energy along with a healthy lifestyle. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables will drastically increase the energy in you, making you set out and get a lot done in a better way.

Part of Treatment Plan

Eating fruits and vegetables can be an alternative and complementary treatment against illness, symptoms, and other severe health conditions. Also, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can likewise prevent you from getting sick. See how much favor you’re offering your health when you get treatments from vital nutrients within certain fruits and vegetables without any painful or harsh medications.

Confidence Booster

Our appetite and desire for high sugar foods are increased through the empty calories from refined carbohydrates. This strong craving can make us feel powerless as we live for years, even decades struggling with binge, disordered and emotional eating. Our health and waistlines are in harmful condition as well as our mental and emotional health are damaging.

Protects Your Health

Essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber present in healthy foods can ultimately protect you from a chronic disease which can be debilitating, painful and even, fatal in some cases. Studies show that fruits and vegetables can protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, eye disease, certain cancer types, gastrointestinal issues and more.


Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day knowing that there are so much health benefits that it can offer your health. Instead of treatment, consider a reliable protection that your health can get from eating fruits and vegetables daily.