10 Simple Exercises That Reduces Belly Fat

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If you’re finding it difficult to wear your desired slim-fit dress or your stomach fat doesn’t give you comfort while sleeping, then attention is needed. The necessary attention may be implementing a few changes in your lifestyle to correct the difficulties. Belly fat doesn’t look good on you aesthetically and it may have negative effects on your health if it’s not attended to on time. It is very important to attend to your belly fat as soon as possible because of its long-term effect on your health.

If you’re serious about losing weight, then you should try to put in an hour of exercise in your daily routine to reduce belly fat. In this article, we’ll show you 10 simple exercises you can do at home that will naturally reduce your belly fat.

#1. Walking

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One of the best ways to burn calories and lose unwanted flab from your body is through cardio. A unique cardio exercise you should have is walking. It’s an effective way of burning belly fat. If you inculcate healthy diet into walking at a good pace for about 40 minutes for five days or more in a week, you’ll soon witness a visible change in your weight. Exercise with low impact can greatly increase your heart rate and metabolism. Having a low risk of injuries, it’s therefore recommended as an efficient workout for beginners.

#2. Running

Prevent your body from getting used to fixed workout routines. Consider switching occasionally, and in that wise, you can bring in running. It’s an excellent way of reducing belly fat, lose calories and keeping up your heart rate.

#3. Jogging

Young Healthy Couple Jogging At Park In Early Morning

Peradventure you dislike running, try jogging. Schools of thought made it clear that jogging can break down unwanted belly fat fast when compared with weightlifting. It’s therefore seen as a good form of aerobic exercise that can be used in reducing fat and staying fit.

#4. Crunches

Fitness woman doing crunches on gym mat. Isolated on white

According to fitness experts, crunches take the top rank among the fat burning exercises because it burns stomach fat easier than other forms of exercise. Try to include abs-crunching exercises in your everyday routine.

To begin, lie down flat with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Position your hands behind your head or keep them crossed on the chest. First, inhale deeply, then as you lift the upper torso off the floor, exhale. Inhale when you get down again and exhale as you come up.

A beginner should start doing crunches 10 times per set and try to accomplish 2 – 3 sets of crunches each day.

#5. Twist Crunches

Muscular shirtless sportsman lying on mat doing abdominal twist exercise on white studio background.

As soon as you’re familiar with the regular crunches, you can proceed to modify the basic crunch for a more effective and result-oriented tummy exercise.

Twist crunches are similar to the regular crunches but in addition, you’ll lift the right shoulder towards your left, while the left torso is kept on the ground.

Start out with twist crunches 10 times per set, and aim for 2 – 3 sets of twist crunches in your everyday routine.

#6. Side Crunch

Push ups or press ups exercise by young woman. Girl working out on grass crossfit strength training in the glow of the morning sun against a white sky with copyspace. Mixed race Asian Caucasian model.

This is as well similar to twist crunch routine but you must simultaneously tilt your legs to the same side with your shoulders. Side crunch centers mostly on your side muscles. Your goal should be 2 – 3 sets of side crunches 10 times per set every day.

#7. Reverse Crunches

Isolated silhouette of a woman doing crunches on white background. Reverse crunches exercise. Healthy lifestyle.

You’d discover that losing belly fat has a lot to do with crunches and variation of crunches. You can now move on to reverse crunches which is similar to other crunch exercises. This is another great exercise to lose belly fat, especially for women.

Just like the twist crunch exercise, you’ll tilt your legs behind at the same time with your shoulders. This is one of the best abdominal exercises when targeting the lower belly fat.

#8. Vertical Leg Crunch

Young woman is doing crunch during fitness.

To achieve the best of vertical leg crunch, lie flat on the floor or mat with your legs extended towards the ceiling. Then place one knee crossed over the other. Inhale as you lift the upper body towards the pelvis. Slowly breathe in and out while you do around 12 – 16 crunches for 2 – 3 sets.

#9. Bicycle Exercise

Abs exercise for women on white background. Crossfit and fitness. Crunches.

You don’t need to have a bicycle to do this exercise. Get on the floor or mat and lie down flat with your hands either by your sides or behind your head (as you do in crunches). Lift both legs off the ground, bend them at the knees, and bring the right knee close to the chest while keeping out the left knee. Reverse the process by taking out the right leg and bringing the left leg closer to the chest. Keep bending the knees as if you’re riding a bicycle.

#10. Rolling Plank Exercise

fitness training athletic sporty woman doing plank exercise in gym or yoga class concept exercising workout aerobic.

The purpose of the rolling plank is to train your body around the abdomen, lower back and hip. Lie on the mat or on the floor with the knees and elbows resting on the ground. Align the neck with the spine and look forward. Now, lift up the knees and use the toes to support the legs. Contract the knees and make sure your breathing is normal (this is known as plank pose). Remain in the same position for 30 seconds, then start moving “to and fro” for another 30 seconds.

Lie flat on the floor or mat sideways and support your body on right leg and right elbow. Keep your elbow perpendicular to your shoulder and your legs together but the left leg placed above the right leg. Maintain straight knees and make sure your hips do not touch the ground. Keep this posture for about 30 seconds and as soon as you’re comfortable, hold the position for approximately 2 minutes.

Repeat the exercise on the other side but note that you can lift up and down the leg placed on the top. This makes the exercise to be more effective as it’s not done solely for the abs but for your thighs and hips also.